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The Pot of Gold Relay Race is a fund raiser for Investigation Station's splash pad at the Veterans Memorial Park in Hudson. The project has a $250,000 budget to allow for the safest and best equipment for our local children and visitors. The Pot of Gold Relay Race will take place at Orange Lake, across from Sims Park in downtown New Port Richey. The relay race will consist of a number of activities for each team to complete, like puzzle assembly, cup stacking, bottle flipping and surgery gear dress up.  Each time an activity is completed, the judge will award a gold coin. Teams must run each coin down to the other side of the field and drop the them into their pots. The first team to return their full pot back to the judge will be the winner. Winning teams will receive medals.

Heats are available for all types of teams: adults,  high school students (age requirements), families (age requirements), families with young children (age requirements), local heroes (such as fire fighters, law enforcement officers and EMTs) and people with special needs. Challenge your friends or competitors to participate with you in the most entertaining relay race in Pasco County.

Corporate sponsors are needed . Please send an email to PotOfGoldRelay@gmail.com if you are interested in helping these community members participate in this worthy cause.

A vendor fair will be on-site. Spaces are $25 per business. Non-profit organizations are free.  All corporate sponsors get a free space at the vendor fair.

Event Info:

Teams must wear matching outfits/shirts to be identified as a cohesive unit.*

Check-in starts at 8 AM. Please bring your ID.

Heats start at 9 AM.

All teams except for family teams and families with young children teams must have four members. Family teams (no more than two adults and child members up to the age of 17) may have between 3 and 7 members. Families with young children teams (no more than two adults and children ages 3 – 12) may have 2 - 6 members. All teams must complete all of the activities, regardless of the number of members.

Most heats require each team participant to run one leg. Heats for families with young children and special needs teams may have designated runners and may collaborate to complete activities prior to running.

Be sure to bring friends and family members to cheer on your team.

The 2016 Pot Of Gold Relay Race was a huge success,

join us next year for the 2018race